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Black-out dates on passes is stupid.

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That’s it, that’s all.

Captain’s Quest

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Poach VT

According to recent polls, Interest in VTDR is WAY down. So in an effort to grab the attention of the maybe 10 shred heads that make up our readership the editorial staff at VTDR decided to throw a contest. Is the Poach This Photo, Dude contest. In other words, the first person to snap a shot of himself/ herself next to this sign and post it, uh, somewhere I guess, will win a $5.00 gift certificate to Charlio’s or OP. It’s kind of a big deal, like this web site, so get to it. The only clue is that the sign is off the Quad on Mt. Mansfield.

Opening Day 08-09

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I guess this officially negates the excuse that I don’t need to update this thing because it’s summer…
and since everyone else involved with the project has gone a.w.o.l., all you get to read is my random thoughts.

Today was slightly less epic than last year’s opening day, but it was still pretty good. There’s definitely enough snow on the trails that were open to guarantee the season is on. Even if it had sucked, it was great to get back out there. Actually, I almost wasn’t out there, but apparently I’m known for sleeping in and was woken by a text message from the Washington DeathRider chapter president, Joel B., to get the fuck up and go.

It almost feels like the transition from fall happened in one day. All of a sudden, it was snowing everywhere, people were driving like idiots, I was getting super road-rage-y because driving up 100 and 108 sucks because there’s no where to pass the idiots… It was almost like winter never even went away. Except I forgot how to ride.

I also was also bummed because I forgot to bring my camera up today, but then it ended up looking like this:

Photo: stolen from

so it didn’t matter.

I also got back home late and found I had a flat tire, so I wasn’t going to make it to the Alley Cat on time to race. …honestly, I’m half sad, and half i-worked-till-11:45-last-night-got-up-at-7:30-went-riding-holy-shit-the-“realfeel”-temp-is-minus-1. I am going to try to make it down for the finish/awards, so maybe I’ll get another post out of that.

Yes, that’s a threat of another long, boring post.

Hopefully a joke.

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Remember World Quarters?

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March 23, 2008

There was snowboarding.

…and drinking.

There was cold, hard cash for the winner, literally.

Those are probably ’09 Sorrels… Paul’s got industry hook-ups.

George provided lift access.

Overall, an epic hang…

…with tons of shred action…

…thanks to these guys.

Long-Time-Ago Hang.

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This was over a month ago… I’m busy, alright. Words and pictures by Tron.

Done in a way that only the guys at Rome SDS can do, they showed love to those who showed love this season. Dealers and friends were invited to Sugar Bush Resort for a few days of riding and partying. The crew was out in full force with everyone out terrorizing the hill, cruising in large packs and spraying anyone who got in their way. The first day it started snowing and dropped 5 inches of VT pow on the mountain. The upper mountain was shut down, but that didn’t stop anyone. Sully lead the charge, showing us some of his favorite runs both on the trails and in the trees. The mini parked was charged hard including the sideways rail and the barrel jib that put you squarely into the woods. The day ended with burgers and dogs grilled in the condo parking lot.
The second day the snow was inconsistent to say the least. Ranging from blue ice to hot pow. Everyone was killing it despite the conditions. Lunch was brought to the parking lot and we enjoyed the best subs in the state of Vermont before heading out due to some rainy weather and sheer lack of sleep. Snurfer races had to be postponed until next year. Plenty of time to tighten up your game.
The nights were full of beer drinking and hell raising. Parties in all the condos and pizza at a bar that is being investigated by the FBI; truely authorized dealers. The locals were run off the pool tables both nights. Notably by JV, who sunk on the 8-ball on the break. The last night the camera finally came out and captured what turned into a very interesting game of “Drinking Jenga.” The game was found in a closet in one of the condos and included booze inspired directions written on each block.

Needless to say it was a great couple of days. Thanks to everyone for coming out and to Rome for making it happen. See you next year!

Ladies and gentlemen; let the games begin! A-Star stacks ’em up.

Game on! Joel and Dumont eyeing their moves, would it be “chug a beer,” “Call [MH],” or “Race another player to another condo and back, then chug a beer. Loser takes off their pants.”

Paddock “Chug a beer.”

Dumont is one photogenic dude!

George took his shot like a champ, despite some protest.

Have you ever seen a man look so happy to be hitting another man in the face with a pizza crust?

Taking my turn, I think on this one I drew either “Firewood!!! Go get some!!” or “Compliment circle.” I can’t rememeber.

Joel making “the noise,” someone pulled the “Call [MH]” piece.

Just George being George.

“Whose driving my truck!? I’m driving my truck, BITCH!!!”

Industry ho Adam Munroe. (NBD#6)

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Questions by BenfeE, Photos by a lot of people.

Colonel Munroe made his way across the plains many hundred years ago during the time of muskets and “Natives” (What the hell is a “Native.” We’re all Russians). Colonel Munroe laid waste to many in his path until he faced the French from the Northeast. Whence upon he took into his room a fair maiden before his final day of judgment. This maiden would go onto bear quadruplets with the hair of Munroe. This hair would stay in the Northeast, and eventually find its way into a factory and under a beanie. The latest of the Munroe descendants resides in a state supported by New Hampshire. This Munroe is Adam. Not A Dam, but goddamn, Adam. May mercy be had on the native booters.

Adam, what’s it like being the descendant of a red-coat?
I have Scottish, Welch, and Danish blood in me… no Beetle blood.

Are you a communist, or imperialist?
Agatha’s uncle in Warsaw is a commie. He lives it up.
I’d get a second name so I could get double paid commie-style.


Should jumps be built or found?
You should definitely find jumps that are built. It’s way easier.
Or you could ollie like a snakeboarder with foot straps.

What’s so great about 2008?
-Global Oven effect hasn’t hit too bad yet.
-Size 32 jeans still sag on my aging skeleton.
-Advancement in male growth ointments.
-Riding 2009… I mean 2010 sports equipment. Yep.


Would you rather take hair, or break some air?
I eat hair big time. Grow big hair or go home is the saying.

If you had to pick one Austro-Hungarian composer to be the backdrop to your life, who would it be?
Tie between Franz Liszt and Frankfurter Lipshitz.


Sean Paul, Shaggy, or Scrambled Eggs with Bacon…Kevin that is…?
I’d eat raw eggs on Kevbo’s abs circa ‘Footloose’. He saved that town from so much pain. Jean Paul is king of the Caribbean.

What is your week like?
Wake up, think about showering, drive to Spurbury, work, eat a Banquet frozen entree, try to steal time to hit GrnMtnCoffee sledding hill, work, drive to Eesa, piggyback Agatha to the car, drive home together, mutual footrubs, chat about Canadian politics, eat Mexican, bathroom Mexican, watch, read the SPEED channel, spoon, read a mag, sleep, wake up, be nocturnal, spy on the neighbors in Agatha’s robe with some lip gloss on. Lil’ Mama spits mad yo. (X 5)

Snowboard, eat a lot, drive around a lot, snowboard, hang with Lucas and Jonny. (X 2)

Which of your coworkers has gotten laid fewer times than anybody you know?
Prob the one that’s been married the longest. Sully is prob stoked for his birthday and anniversary more than say… JP. I think JP has a harem at the factory. Foot rubs are code for FJs oversea and undersea.


How bad is the Canadian snowboard team going to suck in 2010?
Jesse Fulton, Kevin Young, James ‘Jimbo’ Foster, and Sean Genovese will take gold through brown in the Super GS. Ross Rebligati will be DQ-ed for taking too many Advil.

How sweet is the red white and blue? No, not France….
My truck is Japanese, my board is Austrian, and my fries are French, but my home is MERICA.

Okay, that should be that for now.
Thank you Bendini.

Dragging knuckles… and shoulders.

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Jorge rides so low it’s hard to tell he’s so high… on shred!


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The legendary stories from this event are infamous: The Gauntlet, the Led Zeppelin effect on hotels, Fulton stealing the snowmobile after announcing it to ski patrol, Fulton in the one-eyed-cock suit, Ben Fee in the one-eyed-cock suit, the Blue Lodge riot, Schiff getting 65 people kicked out of the hotel at 5 pm, the rock-star riders who have been tapped out early, local kids who have claimed top honors…

The World Quarterpipe Championships.

After a three-year hiatus, and the associated mourning among certain shreds in the snowboard community, the World Quarters are back. And the day for this event’s re-birth couldn’t be more fitting: Easter Sunday, the celebration of being born again, is the day the festivities get started. Praise the Lord, the World Quarters, and what they represent to the Snowboarding Religion, are born again.

As always, the World Quarters define what it means to be an “open” event. It’s simple, really: anyone and everyone who shows up can ride, period. Whether you are a top pro who just won a halfpipe contest the day before or you are a local shred from a shop down in Massachusetts, just drop in if you want to. No bibs, no qualifying, no team managers to get you on the list, no entry fee—none of that bullshit. Just get yourself there, brave the Gauntlet, and ride until you claim first place or get the shoulder tap.

The World Quarters are going down at Timber Ridge, the Waker family’s private resort on the backside of Magic Mountain in Londonderry, Vermont. According to Snowboarder Magazine’s Pat Bridges, Tim Waker is shaping what will be the best quarterpipe that the event has ever seen. And this year, in addition from the main-stage contest on the quarterpipe, there will be a couple “side stages” off to the sides to throw down your creative mini-shred.

The event will go down on Sunday and Monday, March 23rd and 24th. Instead of pretending to be Sir Lancelot at the Renaissance Fair down the road at Stratton on Sunday, March 23rd, riders can head over to Timber Ridge on the backside of Magic Mountain and shred and party in the warm-up sessions. Then on Monday, March 24th, the Finals will go down with mayhem on the Quarterpipe, fire jumping, Gauntlet, and after-party.

Where: Timber Ridge private resort on the backside of Magic Mountain
When: March 23rd and 24th (Sunday and Monday)

The World Quarterpipe Championships are made possible by Pat Bridges, Mark Sullivan, the Rome SDS, Red Bull, Timber Ridge’s Waker family, and all the riders who show up for the revelry in riding.

For more information on the 2008 World Quarters, contact:
Ron Faverty 802.244.1758


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The groomers rode super fast this morning. So fast that the only other dudes riding it were Quebec snowboard racers in Obermeyer race suits. And scope the art fag shadow self-portrait of Rum Runnin’ Ronnie on the quad – I call it “the lone rider”.