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Matty wakes the neighbors…from the roof.

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I wasn’t there, so I’m probably going to screw up the story. But word is that as Matty was about to drop of the Car Wash Drop of Misery the owner of the joint came outside and was all upset that random strangers where snowboarding off his roof – go figure! Anyway, the drop is off 100 North – thousands of folks pass it everyday on their way to work but not a lot of people see it and are like, “that roof drop looks awesome and I’m going to drop it after work.” Except if you’re Matty the Nark.

VTDR hands Matty Ryan the soap box for NBD#4!

Posted in Bros not Pros, East Coast, Shred, Shred Pirates, Snowboard on March 8, 2008 by vtdeathrider

Snowboarding has been slouching towards totalitarianism for a few years now. Gnar-dog Matty Ryan – a live-free or die type of dude — exercises his first Amendment right say what he wants about snowboarding, steakfaces that snowboard, and multitude of fashion styles – some good, a lot not so good. VTDR moved out of the way for former East Coast shred head, Mr. Matty Ryan, to drop in on another No Big Deal interview bonanza. Scope the lines, man.

1. Contests more and more are becoming a part of snowboarding, and a jock mentality is sort of taking over. Aside from Eastern Boarder’s “Last Call” or Baker’s Banked Slalom I can’t think of any good contests these days. Do you think contests should even exist in snowboarding, and if so, to what extent?

MR: i think contests are immportant and they can be cool to watch but i think to many kids are making nba dollars based on there stupid rollerblade tricks when the real raw snowboarding is going on underneath the darkmens noses.there are some really good kids out there that dont make dick in snowboarding but just dont like to be judged by some ex twat snowboarder.

2. I don’t want to start a rumor here – but I think I heard some dude say that back in the day you were asked by Peter Line if you wanted to be a part of the original Forum 8 after he saw you kill it… and you turned down the offer ’cause at the time you were getting a way better deal riding for Airwalk (the Roman Demarchi days). If I’m not completely making shit up would you have made different pro-shred career decision – in hindsight?

MR: peter did ask me to be apart of forum back in the day one summer when i was hangin wit him a lot at hood and at first i did say no but ended up riding for that shady company was good whille it lasted but when i had to race to the bank to deposit my check so it would go through and after they fired bozung i quite took forum to court and got my i wouldnt make another desicion it worked out for a bit and was fun riding wit all those guys.

3. There are some seriously wack snowboard styles out there – helmets mixed with danglers or tight pants (not worn deliberately) with huge sports jackets… you get the point. Does style matter (not in the physical sense of tricks), and if you believe it does, to what extent over function?

MR: yea i like my share of gear for sure but i just hate all the zany airblaster style wonder why we dont get any respect from skaters.that shit just looks stupid as fuck.

4. You’re a crazy good skateboarder too – how come so many snowboarders skateboard, but no skateboarders (primarily) snowboard? It’s not like in any Eric Ellington video parts there’s a clip or two of him doing a method out of a half pipe or dropping some pillow lines in BC!

MR: i think really its just there choice they can skate year round on consitant stuff.we can t and hood blows so we are forced to skate in the summer so i think its just as easy as that.

5. If you had to nail one trick on a perfect Utah backcountry jump what would it be?

MR: backside 180

6. Lastly,

A. 540s or 40s? 40oz,duh.
B. TB3 or Repo Man? TB2,terje.
C. Emerica or America? emerica makes good skate shoes
D. Lord of the Flys or On the Road? on the road. been a gypsy my whole life dont think i would want to deal with stabbing wild bores in my underwear.

Testing positive (for amplitude!) at the hospital.

Posted in East Coast, Shred, Shred Pirates, Vermont on February 20, 2008 by vtdeathrider

Burlington’s infamous Hospital Hit, a now semi-defunct example of an urban shred-ready feature (made popular by numerous drunken UVM shred heads, old-timer Ryan Lang, and a photo of then Burton pro Jason Brown (not the Pepsi one!!) busting an 8ft out method for an issue TWS circa ’98) since a chain-link fence was constructed in front of the original take-off. I honestly think that we would have driven up to Montreal for an all-night ledge session, and may even some legs and eggs at dawn, if we weren’t so gosh-darn ham-faced. The betty’s rode, Joel-miester got some Jamie Lynn methods but I’m not a real photographer so I couldn’t capture the moment, and co-shreditor Mad-Dog Wild Will upped the ante 3 hits in a row. Peep the pics and notice the slight increase in amplitude and style each hike up the H-Hit. Way to rip, duder!

attempt #1:

attempt #2

attempt #3

attempt #1

attempt #2… oh, wait, he’s too drunk. joelisdrunk

Who needs Jackson, we have the Rock Garden.

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Matty the Nark snaps off the cliff of death in the Rock Garden (cheating doom for one more day) while the snowboard media covers the X-Games and The Coca-Cola Air Challenge. VTDR knows you rip, dude – all four of us!

What the truck!?

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Are you for real — why is this dude an un-sponsored intern/ snowmaker and bums like (insert names of 50 percent of pro shreds here) getting more money than he earns in 10 years in one day to whine about traveling the world snowboarding?! Life ain’t fair — just look at Africa. Matty the Nark airing his shitbox to icy flat parking lot landing. So savory.

This is our turf

Posted in East Coast, Shred, Snowboard, Vermont on January 6, 2008 by vtdeathrider

One way down. Narkin’ the gnar on Rock Garden a couple days after a footer puked on lovely Mt. Mansfield. High times, just don’t try get too Craig Kelly circa ’91 or you’ll end up clipping a stub-up and tumble a good 30ft past boulders the size of UPS trucks. Otherwise, epic hang and well worth the hike.


Pipe 1, a narrow chute of gnarlitude sandwiched between Nose Dive and Goat. Just watch out for angry tele-mark skiers trying to snake you line, and the shit tube that parallels the upper part of the trial, hence the name “Pipe 1”. I’m not 100% sure if there’s a pipe to watch out for on Pipe 2 as well, I’ve never seen one.


Welcome to Crazy Man Chutes, now leave. Well, if you do decide to session the chutes, just be advised that there is a pine tree goal post at the bottom of the run, so dodge ’em, or die.

We ride roads

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Pow Line