who are you?

we haven’t been back to throw a post up here for a while.. but somehow there has been hundreds of hits to the site everyday for the past few weeks. anyone know how the hell it happened? we thought there was only 6 or 7 of us that looked at shit/posted stuff. Maybe we should put the bong down for a bit and get back to posting stuff about shred since it actually looks like there are some people checking the site. If you are checking this site or know about it, you are probably pretty fucking fun to party with.

2 Responses to “who are you?”

  1. Anybody riding there? VTDR has not gone soft right? Probably soft down south after all this TOT business. But really, when can I see some good old zombie woods – they open by now? I’m missing it!

  2. albert…
    Congrats on the showcase! would love to see it. As they say: “One man’s garbage is probably another man’s garbage also”

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