Captain’s Quest

Poach VT

According to recent polls, Interest in VTDR is WAY down. So in an effort to grab the attention of the maybe 10 shred heads that make up our readership the editorial staff at VTDR decided to throw a contest. Is the Poach This Photo, Dude contest. In other words, the first person to snap a shot of himself/ herself next to this sign and post it, uh, somewhere I guess, will win a $5.00 gift certificate to Charlio’s or OP. It’s kind of a big deal, like this web site, so get to it. The only clue is that the sign is off the Quad on Mt. Mansfield.

5 Responses to “Captain’s Quest”

  1. This $5 is going to be mine!

  2. I saw it today but had no camera….. crazy man woods…..

  3. Yeah, if I had my camera today, I’d be drinking at least two PBRs at Charley-O’s. The other day on the mountain I overheard a man say that Charley-O’s has been around since before the Civil War . . . fact or fiction?

  4. you better get that shot soon, I’m on my over. Hasn’t been claimed yet has it?

  5. someone stole it last Saturday. It was there on Friday, not there on Sunday. Fucking Joey’s.

    If anyone finds out who snaked this, let me know so i can punch them in the face and steal their wallet.

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