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Posted in Shred on November 23, 2008 by vtdeathrider

Opening Day 08-09

Posted in East Coast, Shred, Vermont on November 22, 2008 by vtdeathrider

I guess this officially negates the excuse that I don’t need to update this thing because it’s summer…
and since everyone else involved with the project has gone a.w.o.l., all you get to read is my random thoughts.

Today was slightly less epic than last year’s opening day, but it was still pretty good. There’s definitely enough snow on the trails that were open to guarantee the season is on. Even if it had sucked, it was great to get back out there. Actually, I almost wasn’t out there, but apparently I’m known for sleeping in and was woken by a text message from the Washington DeathRider chapter president, Joel B., to get the fuck up and go.

It almost feels like the transition from fall happened in one day. All of a sudden, it was snowing everywhere, people were driving like idiots, I was getting super road-rage-y because driving up 100 and 108 sucks because there’s no where to pass the idiots… It was almost like winter never even went away. Except I forgot how to ride.

I also was also bummed because I forgot to bring my camera up today, but then it ended up looking like this:

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so it didn’t matter.

I also got back home late and found I had a flat tire, so I wasn’t going to make it to the Alley Cat on time to race. …honestly, I’m half sad, and half i-worked-till-11:45-last-night-got-up-at-7:30-went-riding-holy-shit-the-“realfeel”-temp-is-minus-1. I am going to try to make it down for the finish/awards, so maybe I’ll get another post out of that.

Yes, that’s a threat of another long, boring post.