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The Sean Genovese interview (Installment 2 of the N.B.D. interview series)

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Interview by Adam Munroe (Above).

Sean Genogeese is a famous Canadian goose. He migrates north for the winters because he has goose down coverings on his private areas. Some say he is proof geese know global warming is happening, but I think he hit his head riding gates in Salt Lake 2000. Here’s some questions he answered while in a bathing suit in my shower snaking the drain with me. We found a lot of hair.

1) Shawn, Shaun, Sean, or Shaaaaaaaaan? Please rank them.

7, 11, 666, 69, 16… SHON WOULD BE 1

2) Tell me Sheauwn… Why don’t you have a beard?

because “beards” are a front for gay men.

3) Tranny dinosaurs… I am not amused. Do trannysaurs just float yer boat?

its not a tranny dinosaur, it Birnie. pro choice. Birnie has a beard.

4) NOFX wrote a song after being influenced by your company. Will you sue them?

i actually have been sewing lately, but mostly just pants and stuff… but i want to get into maybe stuffed animals for animals…

5) Are you part of the 84%? I think you are Sheauwn.

of people who didnt throw up watching … your right.

6) Who is your favorite skier of all time?

lkaalkaklsdbasbnaslk… probably a chick… … probably a mogul skiing chick. i like to be the one sitting on the right, cuz most of them have strong right hands.

7) DWD ( is neat because…

… you didnt finish your statement.

8) I was night riding last night with MishMan and baby-Tyler at Bolton Valley. This miniature man named baby-Zach wouldn’t share his candy. Agatha wanted to spank him she was so mad. Baby-Tyler, MishMan2000, and myself have great manners. (very polite)Do you open doors for ladies and elders?

elders have money and slow reflexes. so you should hold the door for them while they’re walking out of the bank with their piles of cash.

9) Dark Crystal?

return to oz.

10) You’re a crazy kid! You must be dynamite in bed.

i dont have a beard.

11) Thanks for your insight on global warming-schwarming! Whatevs. Polar bears can swim. Littering isn’t that bad either. I luv you Sean.

Mike ternin’ it up

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Mad Mike shredding the gnar on P-tex Hill with no sleep ’til Brooklyn, literally. He got off the plane at BTV, got off on Burlington chicks, got off on this log jib, and got back on a plane to NYC. Ride on, buddy.

Tyler Laplore dropin-in on VTDeathrider…no big deal…

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Questions by Captain Al, Co-Shreditor


Tyler, I want to start off the first pro-shred interview of VTDeathrider by saying, dude, you’re a radical snowboarder! Keep doing what you’re doing, man! That aside, let the onslaught of questions begin:


In my opinion Montreal is the most shred-friendly city in North America (way more intense than Portland/ Vancouver) – where else can you urban assault the gnar-doggest ledges and bomb drops and then hang eleven with crazy French chicks all night long? Have you been to Montreal and do you see it as the hotbed for progressive freestyle snowboarding or would you rather get first tracks at Island Lake Lodge?

 TYLER: I would have to go with Mt.Baker on this one. I do love Canada and Montreal as well. I have only been to Montreal once. I got really stoned and bought some really tight white women’s mavi jeans. I could barley pay for them when the woman was ringing me in because I thought I just looked so hilarious. 

Jason Brown (not the Pepsi dude) is one of my favorite snowboarders of all-time — by far one of the most underrated snowboarders of the 1990s. Having the opportunity to shred and work professionally with JB when Capita first started was that totally a radical experience? I’d be like, “yeah, whatever ever you say dude, that’s cool.”

 TYLER: Yea it was radical, Jay is a radical thinking guy. He is a very talented shred as well. Capita was why I kept snowboarding. And having a creative force like Jason to work with was very fun. Always changing, trying to have a different out look on things and bring some new ideas into snowboarding. 

I read in Snowboard Canada or something that you own your own bicycle shop in downtown Vancouver – outside of being a pro shred for Capita. That’s totally awesome. Before I scored a job in the snowboard industry I was set on opening “Shredneck’s Roasters” in downtown Burlington, VT (probably a good idea that I didn’t!). Anyway, could you talk for a moment on how you juggle operating a bicycle shop in downtown Vancouver and the demands of being a pro-shred for Capita?

 TYLER: That is a tricky question my friend. It has been taking up most of my time. I am still snowboarding this year and have been working around snowboarding and the shop. I am not the best at multi tasking, I try but I tend to do one or the other. I know snowboarding is the best job ever. Work sucks! My shop is called SUPER CHAMPIONIt’s here… 

Would you rather spend your Northern-Hemi winter in Hokkaido or the French Alps and why?

 TYLER: I would go with Japan, I have great snow when I go, and I like sushi, and Japanese culture is amazing, I love it! 

Incredible String Band, “The Who Sell Out”, Gram Parsons, Bjork circa ’95 or EPMD’s “Strictly Business” and why?

 TYLER: These questions are intense…I would go with EPMD, just due to old high school memories, and those massive fucking pants we all used to wear, I want those to come back, so we can steal all the fat peoples pants from all the thrift stores again, that was the best trend.  

Capita puts out some of the quirkiest/ entertaining snowboard graphics on the market, period. And the coolest part is that the riders are the ones creating them. Do you, Corey, and TJ feed off each other and pull all night Warhol-factory era sessions and pump out mad graphics or is it just straight-up annoying being around other artist snowboard types?

 TYLER: Well none of us live close. Me and TJ do, but we seem to have opposite schedules. I always get inspired from something different every year. Most of the time it’s EARLY MAN, coffee, or Dracula. Or SATAN. TJ is on the Love wagon when he does his shit, and Cor-man is on the bar wagon, so we are just big emotional art fags on different art wagons. 

The Capita board with the 70s chic skiers on the topsheet and base in one of my favorite graphics ever — hilarious squared — and word on the street is that you came up with the idea behind it. Can you talk about that board for a moment — what made you think that would be an all-time board graphic?

 TYLER: Because snowboarding saved skiing, and at the time people were just getting into doing all that poppy old ski crap. So I just thought how rad it would be to have a deck with skiers on it. It was kinda like a snowboard to bridge the vibe between sharing the pow and showcasing skiing as the next shit, it was like a board to show how ill skiing used to be. Like it was so ill back then we can even put it on a snowboard now and make it cool again..ha 

There’s a lot of dudes out there getting coverage and making tons of money off snowboarding that aren’t — how I define snowboarding at least — really snowboarders. What do you say to all the Matty Ryan and Sean Genovese dudes out there, that give 100%, but fall way under radar. Keep shredding your faces off despite that the mainstream snowboard media is looking in the other direction or sell your soul to Kellogg Frosted Flakes and Mountain Dew? Is there a way to be a hardcore shred nark-dog and mainstream at the same time without cheapening the core principles of snowboarding?

 TYLER: another blaster question…money is money, if Mountain Dew wants to give you thousands of dollars to shred, do it if you like to drink that shit. Snowboarding is what you make of it. If you chose to market yourself in that direction, then companies of that nature will present themselves to you. If you work hard it will pay off, it’s a proven formula but sometimes it happens quicker for some people then others. If you can make a living at what you like to do then you win..period! If you’re still snowboarding your way and are enjoying the sponsors you have and making a decent living, then great. Every one is into for snowboarding a different reason, as long as you know why your into it don’t worry about any one else. Tyler.  

Thanks for your time Tyler. Catch some mean air this winter and if you’re ever in VT or Quebec drop me a line and I’ll show you the gnarly-Charlie.

More “find your own line” garbage

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“Mt. Baker was so sick, almost as epic as that time in Jackson Hole when we dropped that run off the tram… And remember tearing through the trees in Hakkiado?” Those places are probably as epic as people say they are, but I wouldn’t know for sure because Senator Sanders taxes my entire paycheck so I can’t afford to travel anywhere outside the Green Mountain State. VT is where we get our epic hangs in, and honestly, Mt. Mansfield on a powder day is as good as anywhere. Observe the evidence.


Snow-maker extraordinaire by night, un-assuming first-descent-maniacal-shred-pirate-math nerd by day, Matty the “Board Bandit” takes a moment to document his line down the “Chute of Death” off the Kitchen Wall before he deathrides.

This is how we party

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This photo captures what happens when you mix Roman-quantities of vile “Man-teen”, fire, and snowboarding on a janky wooden handrial. Jolly Joel narks the gnar and gets deathrider.


Blacked out in black. Co-Shreditor of VTDeathrider, Willy the Nark, Corey-Smithing the deck of the Party Command Center — pre-fire and “Man-teen” swigs. “Ground control to Major Tom, bombs away!”

Workin hard or hardly workin?

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P-Diddy’s got the eye, and Rum Runnin’ Ronnie has the knack for throwing back gnar-bucket 5-0s – semi-twisted for the record — on a log set on P-Tex Hill (location confidential). Welcome to lunch break… if you work upstairs!

This is our turf

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One way down. Narkin’ the gnar on Rock Garden a couple days after a footer puked on lovely Mt. Mansfield. High times, just don’t try get too Craig Kelly circa ’91 or you’ll end up clipping a stub-up and tumble a good 30ft past boulders the size of UPS trucks. Otherwise, epic hang and well worth the hike.


Pipe 1, a narrow chute of gnarlitude sandwiched between Nose Dive and Goat. Just watch out for angry tele-mark skiers trying to snake you line, and the shit tube that parallels the upper part of the trial, hence the name “Pipe 1”. I’m not 100% sure if there’s a pipe to watch out for on Pipe 2 as well, I’ve never seen one.


Welcome to Crazy Man Chutes, now leave. Well, if you do decide to session the chutes, just be advised that there is a pine tree goal post at the bottom of the run, so dodge ’em, or die.